The Safety Pod
8' x 8' room installation, gold leaf, Icelandic sheepskin
Schaefer International Gallery, Kahului, HI, June 2014

I've dreamt about this pod ever since I was eight years old. I wanted there to be a secret door in my closet. And only I would know about the secret door and it would have stairs leading up to a secret room that was filled with golden light and covered in fur. And whenever I was in that room, I’d be totally safe. My safety pod. Finally, a few years ago, I had a solo show at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center where I had the space and the resources to create my pod! Of course, as an adult, all this other stuff came up about creating a TRUE Safety Pod and I agonized about how to make it utterly safe from everything. In the end, I realized that the notion of a real Safety Pod only exists for eight year olds. And, really, that was ok because isn’t all the fear - and the illusion of safety for that matter - just in our heads anyway? 

314 pieces vintage European sterling silver, silver plate and nickel silver flatware from the mid-1800's to early 1900's
Hui No'Eau Visual Arts Center, Hawaii, May 2010

This piece was dedicated to my grandparents and great grandparents. I was pregnant at the time and was thinking a lot about my heritage and how lucky I was to be living where I was living. It pays homage to the people who had to flee Europe in the early 1900’s, leaving everything behind but their most treasured possessions.