Life & Death - Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 19, 5:00 - 7:00
July 14 - August 25, 2017
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco

For press inquiries please contact Abby Margulies at or 614-827-5810


This show was the culmination of several years of work and spanned two profound events in my life: the birth of my children and the death of my mother. About three years ago, I began a series that explored my experience of pregnancy and childbirth. I became fascinated with the moments in life where we stand on the precipice of the unknown and then move beyond them to discover what’s on the other side. I created a body of work exploring this theme, including the installation of a giant, gold-leafed room lined with fur called the Safety Pod. The whole show focused on pregnancy and labor and the beginning of life. This past year, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4, pancreatic cancer and I was once again faced with a situation that brought up intense fear. Through the fear, and through my mom’s diagnosis and eventual passing, I pushed myself to continue to paint and was struck by how reminiscent the entire experience was of my experience of labor – especially in the hours just before my mom’s death. It was terrifying, incomprehensible and deeply profound. The entire body of work represented my experience of Fear & Letting Go through Life and Death. 

Opening Night Reception

The Exhibition